The tournament will be held at the ”Savo Milošević” football center on 10 grass fields and 1 artificial grass field.
Children competing at U8, U9, will play on 40 x 25 meter fields, 5+1, 3 x 2 meters will be the size of the goal, 2 x 15 minutes.
Children competing at U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14 will play on 60 x 40 meter fields, 6+1; 5 x 2 meters will be the size of the goal, 2 x 20 minutes.
The groups and the times will be determined by the organizers depending on the number of teams.
One club may participate with more than one group in more than one category. One club may participate with more than one team in one category. One team may not compete in more than one category.
Team leaders must submit a list of players which will contain (first and last name, place and date of birth, the country they are coming from). The deadline for applications is 08.06.2015.
On the basis of the application, each team leader will receive a pass for each member, to be worn around the neck for the duration of the tournament.
Team leaders must have ID documents with them at all times, in case the opposing team leader seeks verification of a player’s age, and must show it prior to the match.
In case a team leader does not produce the ID document, his team will lose automatically with a score of 3-0.
Team leaders will sign a protocol prior to the match confirming that they have no objections to the opposing team. Objections after the match will not be accepted.

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule, place or time of games, up until June 19, 2015 and must notify the team leaders of the same.
All teams must compete in identical tracksuits, with the players numbers posted on the back, which must correspond to the number on the application list. Additionally, two players in the same team cannot wear the same number.
In case the referee deems that two teams have similar or identical uniform colors, one of the teams will have to wear the tournament organizer’s marker, in a manner decided on by the referee.
Teams must arrive on the field 15 minutes prior to the match.
We recommend that all teams wear shin guards during the match.
The matches will be played with footballs sizes 4 and 5.
Team leaders are responsible for the behavior of their players.
One team may register a certain number of players, but cannot participate in one match with more than 12.
Substitutes may be made an infinite number if times, in all categories. A player who has been substituted may return to the game. Substitutes may be made without stopping the match, so called ”flying substitute”.
The ”offside” rule will not be applied.
Passing the ball to the goalkeeper is allowed.
A ball out of play may be reintroduced by the goalkeeper from the air or from the ground.
Teams are divided into groups of 4, 5, 6, 7 teams, where they will play according to the system, everyone against everyone. 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.

If more than one team has the same number of points the following criteria will be applied:
1.Mutual result.
2.Goal difference.
3.More goals scored.
In the second stage of the tournament, two of the top seeded teams from each group play according to the cup system (direct elimination). In case of a tie, there will be no overtime only penalty shots.
The tournament will be held regardless of the weather conditions.
The referees are members of the Football Association of Serbia’s Referee Association and Football Association of Bijeljina.
The organizer’s committee will be composed of the sponsors and sports staff and they will deal with potential appeals and their decision is final.
The fee for an appeal is 100 euros and shall be returned if the appeal is upheld.
Each team will have its own guide for the duration of the tournament.