The tournament will be held in Bijeljina, on 10 grass soccer fields at the ”Savo Milošević” football center – ”Etno-Selo Stanišići”.
The following groups may participate at the tournament:
U 8 (boys born in 2007 and later)
U 9 (boys born in 2006 and later)
U 10 (boys born in 2005 and later)
U 11 (boys born in 2004 and later)
U 12 (boys born in 2003 and later)
U 13 (boys born in 2002 and later)
Teams from all over the world may participate. The teams may be clubs, national teams for countries, regions, municipalities, as well as schools and football academies.
Players, team leaders and staff must register prior to the tournament.
Each international member must verify his identification via a passport while national members will do so via a picture ID, for example, sports ID card, student card or other.
Team leaders will, at the time of registration, sign a waiver that the organizers will not bear any responsibility for any injury sustained during the tournament or for any potential damage sustained by people or objects belonging to the team. This waiver will also state that the Organization Committee bears no responsibility for accidents for the duration of the trip and the return trip home.
All members – tournament contestants, must have individual or collective insurance, for the period from the 18 – 21 of June, 2014.
By registering for the tournament, team leaders accept the organizer’s rules. Your payment fee will mean that you have accepted the tournament rules, the calls and decisions of the referees and the organizers.
All participants will participate in the spirit of fair play.


As we accept teams from all over, tolerance and respect for others is of the utmost importance.
Teams and individuals who do not act in the spirit of fair play will be reprimanded and ultimately suspended by the organizers (e.g. for racist behavior, belittlement and humiliation of others, violent and aggressive behavior).
It is essential that future participants contact the organizers and make a payment, in the amount of 20% of the total cost of accommodations, thereby confirming participation in the tournament. The registration fee is included in the total cost of accommodations and the tournament cost.
The cost of accommodations in ˝A˝ category is 100 EUR per player + tram leader and driver free of charge. Three nights for full-board (breakfast, lunch, dinner – buffet table)
„Hotel Pirg” (5*****) www.etno-selo.com
„Hotel Ras” (5*****) www.etno-selo.com
Juice, water, ice-cream and other refreshments and snacks will be provided on the field for children and teamleaders. Additionally, amusement parks, and other forms of entertainment, between games.
The registration fee for domestic teams, without accommodations, will be 100 EUR, 20% of the registration fee must be paid no later than 8th of June, 2015, as confirmation of participation.
It must be noted that the organizer has secured medical personnel, with experienced sports doctors, and in the immediate vicinity of the tournament is the Clinical Center of Bijeljina.
You may sign up for the tournament via our official website by following the link
E-mail: cabricmilan@gmail.com
fax +387 55 350 309;

Post office: Etno-Selo Stanišići, Pavlovića put, br. 32
76300 Bijeljina, Republika Srpska Bosna i Hercegovina.